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Top Tier's new sunglasses are a hit and everyone is buying them

Posted on November 22 2019



 Top Tier has been known to drop really trendy shirts and have some of the best content on all their social media pages. I remember being back in my freshman year of college and being on Top Tiers Instagram was a big accomplishment in the social world. People come up to you on campus and want pictures with you or just simply talk about the post that was set out to hundreds of thousands of people. 



   Everyone has always liked the shirts and sweatshirts that Top Tier has put out into the world. From “Show me your Busch” to “Buttweiser” they have always been a real eye catcher on college campuses. Now, Top Tier has fully stepped their game up by coming out with a whole new line of sunglasses. I received mine in the mail and the quality of these sunglasses are insane. They are polarized lenses and they sell for way less than the top brands like Oakley, Ray Ban, Costa...




  After wearing these sunglasses out people were always complimenting on how they looked and asked me where I got them from. “Top Tier?” They say.. “yes, do you not follow them on social media?” ... you know you have something going when it’s a great conversation starter. I have seen multiple people on their comments say they love these sunglasses and Top Tier has hinted that they are bringing out new styles for the end of the month. WE CANT WAIT! 



Carson White 

University of Tennessee 


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